Reveal the location of any IP address.

IP Address Lookup – IP Location Lookup For Any IP Address

The free IP address lookup tool determines the geographical location of any IP address. You can search up IP addresses to find details about the addresses. The search results provide quite a bit of information about the IP locations, including:

  • the city
  • the state/region
  • the postal/zip code
  • the country name 
  • the Internet service provider (ISP)
  • the time zone The data, provided by IP2Location and IPData, can be used by various agencies or users to find the owner of an IPv4 or IPv6 address.

IP address location results

In a search for an IP address location, the results are sometimes a hit or miss. No IP geolocation database is 100% accurate. The results from an IP address search are a collection of data from several IP location databases, and each database reports differently. These variances in data lead to locational information that sometimes isn’t accurate. Your IP address location is what shows up on the IP lookup tool, but it may not be your true location. Additionally, the following factors all affect geolocation data: * the location of the IP address registration * where the controlling agency (ISP) is located * if the user has a proxy connection * if the user has a VPN connection * whether the connection is cellular if the user connects to an anonymous browser, like TOR IP Address LookukpFor example, if you are in the US and the controlling agency of the IP is located in Canada, the IP address location lookup data may show Canada as the IP location. It is not uncommon to see a Canadian IP while searching an IP address in the northern US while on a mobile device. Similarly, your IP location may appear as a state you’re not in if that’s where your ISP is located. Though location information you collect might not be completely accurate, combining the data you collect from the location finder can help you narrow down the location to the correct city. From there, you can try using other online tools to find the owner of the IP address. However, note that you can't find someone's exact location by IP address. You can use an IP to map out the city, state, or country an IP address comes from, but you won't be able to track someone down from their IP alone.